Eee! I'm so excited to start this journey with you! I hate how overused the word "journey" is but it truly will be a shift in your lifestyle. The best part about my approach is it is sustainable for a lifetime! You will learn about nutrition and how our bodies use different macronutrients. Also there is no extreme cutting of macronutrients completely! It is important to have a balance of all macronutrients in our diets to have our bodies run properly. On that note... let's get started!!

First, let's track your "before". Get out your scale & measuring tape. It's important to document your progress at least once a month. If you have the scale, I understand completely! Only weight in once a month if thats what works for you. 

Using a fabric measuring tape, measure your body sections in inches and document on the form below. 

Take a starting photo! This is required!! I will not show your photos to anyone without your consent, privacy is important to me. But it is important to take photos, you will want to look back on them along the way, trust me. 

For one week, enter your food into My Fitness Pal. MFP is a free app available on all devices. Make sure your "diary settings" are set to public & add me! @balancedsarah

Do not sway your eating in any way, just enter in your foods. It will help you get used to the habit of tracking but more importantly I will be able to establish a baseline for you. I can see what macronutrients you are craving and will know how to set up your starting percentages. Eat how you NORMALLY eat!


To do list:

  1. Progress Pictures (Trainerize)

  2. Weigh in (Trainerize)

  3. Measure (Trainerize)

  4. Track your food in My Fitness Pal (MFP)

Diet Plan